Monday, August 23, 2010

Wood You Believe

We had a great time at the beach last week, about which more anon, but one thing that is very interesting about the Jersey Shore (Snooki-free variety) is that they don't have pit beef stands along the road as we do here in Bmore. 

They have a lot of campgrounds, you see, and all along the roads leading to Cape May you will see little piles of  firewood. And it's interesting to note, as noteworthy camper Vin Scully would say, that everywhere you look, every stack of lumber is always the same price.  5 bucks.  It's as if everyone in South Jersey had agreed that the price will be cinco semolians.  It's been that way for the many years that we've been going there.  5 dollars, pile of wood. I guess it's self-service honor-system, which would not work out too well here in the land of pit beef stands. Leaving the beef, rolls and horseradish sauce out on the honor system would not end up well at all. But, I guess the deal is, you're heading to the campground so you stop by someone's yard, grab a stack o' lumber and off you go, down to build your fire.
The very tip is Cape May!

I can only hope that the wood is treated with some substance to keep the mosquitoes away.  They have mosquitoes up there the size of helicopters.

Or maybe you buy the pieces of wood to throw at the mosquitoes!  Now I get it!

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