Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Amazing Talent

The name of Andy Griffith keeps popping up in my life, and that's not a bad thing at all. 

A couple of New Yorker magazines back, there was an article, a profile of country singer Brad Paisley, a man so devoted to the Andy Griffith Show reruns that he measures time in units he calls "Griffiths" - as in, how many Andy Griffith reruns on DVD can we watch in how much time?  He somehow talked Andy, who is retired and living on the coast of North Carolina, into being in one of his videos.

Then I saw that my buddy Brian Carter posted a link to the great Andy Griffith movie "A Face In The Crowd."  Here is the clip that Brian posted.  Something about that movie reminds me of things that go in the country today.  There is guy just like Lonesome Rhodes who wields weird influence over a large amount of people, but now I can't think of his name.  It's just not at my BECK and call.

And it was just three years after that 1957 movie when the Andy Griffith Show debuted on CBS, giving us over 150 worthwhile "Griffiths" to pass the time and learn from.

The first time most people saw or heard of Andy, he was doing standup comedy, with bits like this one about going to a football game.  Sure, he was from a small town a lot like his fictional Mayberry, but he had been to the U of North Carolina Chapel Hill and was a teacher and musician before becoming a comedian and actor.

Along the way, Andy took time to sing some songs, teach some lessons and entertain us mightily.  He's retired now, but as long as there are tapes and DVDs and CDs, we can still enjoy the messages he had for us.

If you want to know what I think, I think there is too much Blackberry
and not enough Mayberry
in our country today.  Course, that's just me.  Thanks for reading. I appreciate it!

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