Monday, August 30, 2010

Paris Up

There comes a time in everyone's life.  And I think that time has come for Paris Hilton.

You might have heard that the favorite of photographers, the hotel heiress, the actress who doesn't even bother to act, was popped in Las Vegas the other morning.  The cops thought someone in the car she and her boyfriend were driving was smoking pot, and during the routine check, old Paris pulled a lip gloss out of her purse, causing a vial of suspected cocaine to fall earthward.

The boyfriend, one Cy Waits, had an interesting week. He is a security bigshot for the Wynn people in Las Vegas, and earlier in the week he subdued and held for police a knife-wielding subject who had broken into Paris's home. This made him a hero. Then came the arrest, and that made him unemployed.  Fired. Canned. He might have to crash with Paris for a while.

It's none of my concern if Paris Hilton and her boyfriend want to roll spliffs the size of vuvuzelas (remember them from last month?) or snort cocaine by the wheelbarrow load AS LONG AS THEY'RE NOT OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE at the time.  That's dangerous to others.  But in the privacy of their own abode, who cares what they do?  If they wish to live dissolute lifestyles, the best formula for that is plenty of money + little or no direction / fame and celebrity status x no work to do = uselessness.

On the other just so happens that several significant people in my life are women born in 1981, as was Ms Hilton. One of them is a doctor of physical therapy, working with kids at the world-famous Kennedy Krieger Institute, and a highly-skilled musician of local note, and a partner in a meaningful relationship with a really good guy. Another is a college professor, counseling therapist and wife and mom. And she gets extra credit for once having been a tenant in a building I managed, which meant that I would often drop in between her client visits to share my unique worldview.   So, between those two women, that makes what, seven worthwhile ways that Cyndi and Jen have found to spend their days and share their manifold talents with us.  While Paris spends her early mornings cruising the Las Vegas strip, consuming drugs and contributing nothing.

So this would be a good time for Paris, what with her 30th birthday coming up next February 17, to decide on a direction for her life.  Because, she can't count on looking this good in mugshots forever:

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