Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stix Hix Palin Bailin' Mayor Dare

Well, Palin-family fans, the news just got better for you, now that Levi Johnston has announced his plans to run for mayor of Wasilla.  There is no way that this is any kind of publicity stunt.  If the young man wanted publicity, he would have signed up to do some sort of reality show.

OK. So he's going to do a reality show.  Does that mean that he's not qualified to be mayor of a major US metropolis, a great teeming city in the 49th state that served as springboard for the populist popularity of his almost-mother-in-law, the former 1/2 governor of the whole darned state? Shoot!  Surely he is at least a high school graduate, as he seeks high elective office out there on the Klondike, doggone it!

OK. He's going for his GED.  That information about Alaska being the 49th state might be on the GED test, so he's got that going for him.  He'll be a splendid mayor; it says so right here.  Look at who else has had that job.  You don't have to be a dad-blamed Phi Beta Blocker to do it, you betcha!

According to the Washington Post, Levi showed up at the Teen Choice Awards the other night on the arm of extremely famous singer Brittani Senser, who certainly needs not to resort to publicity stunts, what with being a household name all across her household. 

When the Rosanne Show was on tv in the late 1980's, it was hailed as a big cultural breakthrough, because, instead of a show showing wholesome handsome witty actors playing ordinary people who just happen to have witty rejoinders for everything anyone says, Rosanne Barr presented a show with people who were not particularly attractive in any way doing rather ordinary things, just like that new family down the street.  Average everyday people are everywhere. I'm one.  Will Rogers said, "The Lord must have loved the common people...He made so many of them." 

Many politicians go for that open-collar, been-working-so-hard look.  Young Johnston is going for the "been-partying-so-hard" image that is sure to catch the eye of many Alaskans. And of course you already know Brittani Senser (right).
Clearly, it's in young Levi's genes to strive for higher office.  I don't know much about his parents, except that his mother went down on a drug-distribution charge, but I will go to any length for a bad pun.  Just like Levi, I know it's amazing how far one can go with a smile and a good sense of determination. 

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