Monday, August 2, 2010

Can You Top This?

I admire cleverness, since I have so little of it.  The people who developed the bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwich were really doing well that day.  Whoever was at work and came up with the idea of ATM machines has brought convenience to millions and millions of people.  Similarly, someone who had a veritable plethora of DVDs went out and bought some dispensers, called them boxes, painted them red, and now look.  You can hardly get into a grocery store around dinnertime for everyone mobbing the Redbox machine.

The iPod.  Post-It® Notes.  Snow shovels with bent handles.  Shoes with rounded soles that give you a free workout just for walking. Hand-held calculators and everything else digital. Velcro, Legos, Play-Doh and Yo-yos.  Snowflakes that land on my nose and eyelashes.  These are a few of the innovative things that have made America great. 

And so it gives me great pleasure to share this picture with you.  I found it online - another great innovation! You know that awkward moment when the entire family is sitting in a booth at Pete Seria's and the server wants to know what do you want on your pizza?  Sis wants mushrooms; she is on a campaign to save the baby pepperonis.  Junior wants pepperonis, and the seat that Sis is occupying to be vacant.  Mom is happy with anything, and Dad is all about the extra cheese.  Maybe some broccoli, Mom tosses out.

No one is thinking outside the box - or, for carryout orders, inside the box!  Because now, some genius has figured it out.  Make everyone happy! Top your pizza with little bitty pizzas! 

Coming soon:  Tacos stuffed with little cheeseburgers!

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