Sunday, August 1, 2010

Seeing the big picture

I just stumbled over a new (new to me) feature on Facebook called Friend Block.  (If you'd like to see mine, please go here.) An unfortunate choice of names, that, because it sounds like something you would use to block people from being your friend, or to block your friends from looking at the pictures of you shoveling the blizzard with your family or attending cousin Agnes's wedding when she married the Pakistani or having a backyard bbq. 

But it's none of those.  It takes the profile pictures of all of your FB friends and makes a giant mosaic out of them.  You can delete any pictures you might not like, such as those for people who have no pic posted and get that epicene silhouette picture instead.  Or, say, if your friend from work chooses to pose in something that would ruin the lines of your big mosaic photo -  like a Redskins jersey - you can banish that image to someplace else.

But once I had allowed the magical photo-former to do its thing, I was just transfixed to see the result. I have over 600 friends on FB.  Granted, some of them are people I have never met but "know" through others, and some are people I have indeed met, but still might have trouble picking me out of a police lineup someday (and they very well might have the chance to do so!) 
Well, I am still sitting here half blissed out.  I look at the postage-stamp-sized pictures of people and I say to myself, what a wonderful world!  How blessed I am to have so many people to love and be loved by in my life!  What did I ever do to deserve such luck and love?

What is valuable is not what I have in my life, but whom I have in my life.  Thank you all. 

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