Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fittingly enough

I like it when things fit together nicely, as they used to say on The A-Team. As in, if you aspire to a career playing professional basketball, it would really help if you were well over six feet tall. They say that one of the reasons for Michael Phelps's success in swimming is that he has the perfect body for slicing through the H²O, even down to his large hands, so useful for scooping gallons of water as he sluices his way along.

Similarly, if you go into the field of installing cove base molding in new houses, being short is going to come in handy for you - you'll be so much closer to the work. And of course, models have to be tall and thin so they will look just like the people who will later wear those clothes being modeled!

How about if your name seems to suggest a line of work? Baltimore once had a school commissioner named Dr Brain. I remember seeing him on "What's My Line?" along with a guy named Mr Fillerup, who ran a gas station out west somewhere.

And I read that country singer John Rich, of the noted "Big and Rich" duo, and his wife just welcomed a new little country singer to the world...and they named him "Cash." Cash Rich. Thank Heaven they didn't name him anything he might get teased over later, ya know? And, little Cash joins the world of the late Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck and Johnny Dollar. And Bill Anderson.

This is all coming to mind now as I read up on the illustrious life and times of Sarah H. Palin, widely regarded as the next president of something or other. Back in the days when she was governing Alaska, she pressured the public safety commissioner to fire her former brother-in-law, a state trooper who had divorced Palin's sister. When that commissioner failed to go along with Mrs Palin's orders, he soon found himself on the outside looking in, being replaced by one Chuck Kopp, former chief of police in thriving Kenai, Alaska.

Police Chief Kopp. If only there had been a guy in town named Joe Phirephyghter...

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