Saturday, January 23, 2010


Oh, you're just gonna think of me as an old fogey fuddy-duddy, but I have to say one thing about performers of today.

They often look like they were on their way out to the garage to bundle up the recycling when someone ran up to them, handed them a guitar and asked them to do one of their big famous songs.

Hank Snow wrote in his autobiography that he always considered it his duty to show up on stage looking a little special, dressed up nicely.

Ernest Tubb preached that a performer should always dress better than his audience - but should never THINK he's better than his audience.

Porter Wagoner used to get the word "Hi!" embroidered on the inner lining of his suit jacket so he could flap it open as Grand Ole Opry fans flashed their Kodak Instamatic cameras.

So, Neil Young, as much as I love your politics, your lilting melodies and your sweet soprano, could you maybe, I don't know, spruce it up just a little bit on the job?

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