Thursday, January 14, 2010

And remember -it's the Democratic Party, not the "Democrat" Party.

I saw this bumper sticker stuck on a car bumper yesterday on my way to work. It said, "Democrats Hate America."

We've talked about generalizations before, and this one is a doozy. There are millions of Democrats in the nation, and to make such a sweeping statement is just a bit of a reach. When I googled that first sticker, to see more about who would be selling such a thing, I noticed that the same company would also be glad to send to you, in exchange for five American dollars, a sticker reading "I Don't Hate America - I Hate the People Who Do Hateful Things in the Name of America."

Fascinating, but a reminder that no matter how you feel about things, there is always someone ready to make a buck off of it. Hey, that's capitalism! What could be more American?

I remember a group of protesters who regularly marched around the entrance to an abortion clinic near us some years ago. You had to love the fact that we live in a country in which one is free to speak out and express feelings. No matter which side of the abortion fence you come down on, I think you'd agree it's a good thing to have that free speech.

I know who else did - that was the hot dog guy who set up his cart right behind the moiling protesters. Business was brisk! He knew that walking in circles in the warm midday sun would make people thirsty, so he sold ice-cold soda and water. And they'd be hungry as well, so he sold hot dogs slathered in condiments, relish, kraut and chili, and did what used to be called a "land-office business" (whatever the heck a land-office is!)

And then right behind him, for real, were the PETA protesters admonishing people against eating meat.

Norman Rockwell, you left us too soon. That tableau would have made a great cover for the Saturday Evening Post.

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