Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speed Trap

Here where I live, and probably where you are as well, there's a debate brewing about the use of speed cameras - remote devices that would calculate the speed of a speeding auto as it speeds along the highways. Notice how often I used the word speed in that sentence; even if you were speed-reading, you likely picked up on that. I'm as subtle as a burp in church.

Those opposed see this as another sign of interference with their right to career along life's highway (figuratively and literally) as they see fit, all willy-nilly, with no regard for the safety of others. Ever try getting OFF an interstate lately? You play hell doing so because of the people getting ON the superslab. They're coming off that entrance ramp, and watch out! Right of way? Common sense? Consideration? All thrown out the window, just like that McWrapper and drink cup.

People are all up in arms. They do not wish to be caught speeding. It's not that they mind speeding; they just don't want anyone to know about it!

No one except for those who plan to rob banks or convenience stores would be against having security cameras in banks and convenience stores. I submit that those who worry about speed cameras are planning to speed and don't want to pay fines for it as they run me off the road like that d-bag at Hillen Rd and Stevenson Lane the other afternoon. Right up behind me he drove, and when I dared to drive the speed limit, he pulled out and passed me, crossing a double line on a curve, the better to display his sideways hat and logic.

Yeah, don't fine him. He needs all his money to purchase three more pink polo shirts with popped collars, to be worn all at once.

I just decided; if I ever go back on the radio I am going to use the fake name "Rob Banks." "

"Rob Banks with ya..."

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