Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dream Lives On

Even though we knew it was coming, it's still so hard to deal with the passing of Ted Kennedy. He would be the first to say that no one man's leavetaking should or could stop the social progress and search for justice to which he devoted his life. As the president said yesterday, his legacy lives on in the better lives enjoyed by the disadvantaged, the chance for equality as exemplified by our wonderful president, and the chance for a better education offered to so many children.

Those unfamiliar with the Kennedy saga would have done well to have watched Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News last night. His retrospective on the senator's life and family history was informative and touching throughout. Informative, you say? As if there's a sentient American who didn't know that Sen. Kennedy was the last in the long line of liberal lions in the Senate; the last great statesman of the Kennedy dynasty, and a man whose wisdom is revered from coast to coast! Everyone knows Senator Kennedy. At least they know who he is. Further details might be lacking, as in the case of the local news buffoon who announced the sad news with the requisite sad puppy- dog eyes and slightly lowered voice this way:

"Theodore Kennedy............ has died. The Massachusetts senator had been battling brain cancer...."

Some things never change in TV. People battle cancer, blazes roar through buildings, shots ring out, people are rushed to the hospital, security gets beefed up.

And when actors and celebrities deign to share stories of their personal lives on TV, they will always talk about "Duke" Wayne or "Bill" Holden and all the other "in" nicknames.

But, for crying out loud! Calling Edward Moore Kennedy "Theodore" is about as dense an act as calling our 16th president "Bob" Lincoln. This anchor needs to study up on things. I know that Ralph Cronkite or Hector Brinkley would never have made that error.