Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, July 8, 2017

It's hard to criticize the people of Whitley County, Indiana, for their nice attempt at adding a bench to their commemoration of those who perished in defense of the nation. But then I read the article in the paper out there, and see that the person in charge of the project says that one misspelled word is not that big a deal, and I throw my hands up. (They have ordered a replacement slab for the bench.)
It's always hot in July, and here's a free way to decorate your kid brother for some outdoor event!
Apparently there was a time in our past in which young boys could wear derby hats and smoke cigars.
Ladies and gentleman, this is a photo of the actual hatchet that George Washington used to cut down that cherry tree. Of course, the handle broke a long time and we got a new one, and then the head finally got sharpened down to a little nub and we replaced it, but it is the original hatchet!
They say we should look up at the clouds, and every time, I want popcorn.
Is there some deal about ladybugs being lucky, or unlucky? How about an odd number of them hanging off a tendril?
Oh Lily! This is a Day Lily! No word on what it is at night.
You'll please excuse my ongoing fascination with the late Broadway and movie musical performer known as Stubby Kaye. Born Bernard Sholom Kotzin on the day World War I ended (11/11/18), he died on the day my father died, 12/14/97, which was also the date of the last football game ever played at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium. It didn't seem to bother him that he was called "Stubby."  After all, he used to bill himself in vaudeville as the "Extra Padded Attraction." He played many roles well, and you might have seen him do this in "Guys And Dolls."

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