Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, July 22, 2017

Since we're so cozy with the Russians, I will do my part to show you my vast collection of Russian art. This is the only Russian painting I've ever seen that I understand. A painter named Glazunov did this one, and you really can tell that these women are headed home after a very long day of hard work.
You have to be a Sean Spicer fan to get this one!
This is one of those pictures taken at just the right moment in time. Or not. The happy birthday girl blew out the candles, and right now she is making her wish that her hair had not caught the fire. (She's ok now!)
When they made the movie "The Shawshank Redemption," they needed a booking photo of Red, played by Morgan Freeman, that would look like what Red looked like when he entered prison. So they used a picture of Morgan's son Alfonso, 20 years of age at the time.
Give yourself a big "Yippie cay-yay!" if you recognize this building. Anyone?
I do love a Caesar Salad, especially in summertime, but why do people give me the fisheye when I ask for anchovies on top?
You say the words "Hallmark" "Christmas" "movie" and "Lacey Chabert" in the same sentence, and you have my total attention. Corny? A little. Sentimental? Sure. Predictable? Uh huh. Watch 'em? Every single time!
Speaking of movies, this sad decrepit example of grandeur faded reminds us what movie theaters used to look like. In Depression Era America, before we had TV and candy crush games on the phone, people would actually leave their nice clothes on for dinner, because afterward, they were going to the Bijou or the Rialto or the Rex to take in a movie, and the theatre made them feel like they were someplace special as they watched Gable and Lombard in movies about interesting people. Now, we sit in a dank auditorium with wildlife underfoot, one seat away from someone lipsmacking chicken tenders while talking on the phone, watching people named Shia LaBeouf "act" in movies about machinery.

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