Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, July 29, 2017

Out in Lonaconing, Maryland, there was a factory called the Klotz Throwing Silk Mill. The factory shut down in October, 1957.  For reference, October 4, 1957, was the day that our dear friends and never enemies the Russians launched Sputnik, the space shot that led to the space race that culminated in July, 1969, when the USA landed men on the moon. Anyhow, the factory shut down, and it stands yet today, untouched. Even the calendar hasn't been turned. I find it interesting that the insurance salesman printed his home phone number on the calendar. I'm sure he didn't mind people calling him at 3 in the morning to ask about their collision coverage.
This is a nice-looking flower basket, but at this time of the year around Baltimore, you need to plan to water it every 15 minutes or it will wilt and droop.
Here's your free wallpaper, handy if you really love greenery.
That space race we talked of before led to advances in American educational methods, which is why our kids lead in the world in stacking Pringles.
And while we continue to shoot money into outer space, this has to happen back here on earth. Priorities? 
Here is the handiwork of someone who has a lot of time and a ton of Rubik's Cubes.
The idea behind this ad for Nabisco products was that no matter how rainy and damp it is, your Zu-Zu Ginger Snaps and Uneeda Biscuits will stay nice and dry and crisp because of how well they are boxed and wrapped.
Almost time for college football, and time to explain to my friends around the globe that the University of Alabama uses "Big Al" the elephant as a mascot, because back in 1930, it was said that as the Alabama team came thundering out onto the field for the Mississippi game, fans said, "'Hold your horses, the elephants are coming!" Even back in those days, mixed metaphors were amusing. That 1930 team was undefeated in ten games, in eight of which they shut out the opponents. They scored 217 points all together, and allowed 13. I expect similar results this year.

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