Friday, July 21, 2017

Another stable American

Say hi to Alana Nicole Donahue, pictured here.

Alana lives in Springfield, but not the one where the Simpsons live, although she does seem a bit Homerish. No, she's out in Oregon, where we might assume that the dampness crept up on her and left her with a severe case of Fog In The Noggin.

Alana Donohue booking photo (Springfield Municipal Jail)She told the police out there that she simply wanted to show her kids a fun time, and didn't see any problem with tying a rope to a little red wagon and towing three kids, her 2-year-old daughter, her 4-year-old son and her 8-year-old nephew, behind her Taurus wagon in a little red plastic wagon. At rush hour, in a busy intersection.

Always safety conscious, she drove 'round the roundabout slowly, waving her left arm out of the window to tell trailing motorists to pass her, as soon as they could snap a picture of the poor kids in the draggin' wagon.

A photo taken by a witness shows two children in a red wagon after they were towed behind their mother’s car Wednesday in Springfield, Ore., police say. (Springfield Police Department)Lt. Scott McKee of the Springfield Police said that Donahue was evaluated when police, called to the scene by several incredulous citizens, seemed not to be under the influence of anything except her misguided desire to "show the kids a good time." 

Donahue is 27, and as Casey Stengel would say, has a good chance to be 37 in ten years, but let's hope she and her children are living in different places soon. The kids were taken into the custody of the Dept. of Human Services.

A stranger to the Mother Of The Year selection committee, Donahue is now facing criminal child endangerment charges.

I think of so many young women and their partners who have been through so, so much as they try to become parents, and here we have a woman so incredibly careless about the three blessings she had in her care that day.

I used to think that someday, all this would make sense to me. Of course, I used to think that swallowing watermelon seeds would cause a whole new melon to grow in one's belly, which is not true, and refused to believe that the closest US state to Africa is Maine, which is.

And for the sake of Ms Donahue's kids and nephew, that's a good state for her to live in!


Diane Hagan said...

...hold my beer...

Diane Hagan said...

....HOLD MY BEER....

Karen V. Poe said...

Hello, do you remember Ty Cobb (no not the baseball player) the new lawyer for Donald Trump? He was the County States Attorney who refused to provide the Piechiowicz family federal protection for their testimony in the Anthony Grandson drug trial. Scott Piechiowic and Susan Kennedy (mistaken for Scott’s wife) were machined to death at the Warren House Inn on May 28, 1983.
I will never forget that day nor my subsequent conversation with Ty (Jay Miller told me off the record about the lack of protection for the family). I called Ty and began the conversation in a very friendly manner by asking if his parents really named him Ty Cobb. He laughed and said, “Yes.” I then asked him about the lack of protection for the Piechiowicz family and was it true he denied them protection. He hung up on me...
A real reputable lawyer.
Karen Vernelle Poe

Mark said...

Hi Karen! Ty must have worked for the BCSAO before I got involved with them via 911. I surely would remember someone with such a famous and flamboyant name!
Kindest personal regards! - lovem MC