Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, July 15, 2017

We open today with a painting, a painting done by a 15-year-old, a painting done by a 15-year-old named Pablo Picasso. What's that they say about doing our best work at 15? He sure did, for my money.
You know, most guys who want to be #18 just go out and get the jersey.  Big Peyton Manning fan here.
More artwork? All righty. Here is the fresco in the Galleria Riccardiana, painted between 1683 and 1685 by Luca Giordano, who was often heard to say he could have finished much faster had rollers been invented by then.
I remember Miss Keller, our 7th grade math teacher at dear old Towsontown Jnr. High.  She had a sign by the clock in her classroom that said, "Experience is the hardest teacher. She gives the test, and then the lesson." I never did well in math, but I remember the slogan.
The highlight of this year's All-Star Game was when former Oriole Nelson Cruz handed his phone to the catcher and had him catch a twofie of Nellie and umpire "Country" Joe West. 
I know, it's a lovely sight to see a balloon ascension, and they make lovely decorations and all that, but when you let them go, they tend to boggle nature all up, so please just don't.
In Chile, there were forest fires that wiped out a lot of the trees and brush. This is an aerial view of what remained. BUT the ever-resourceful Chileans have an idea. They have devised saddlebags to be worn by dogs, and they fill the bags with seeds and send the dogs out to cavort in the deforested area, dropping seeds as they go.
This otherwise unremarkable wooden box is on display in a museum in Boston because it is more properly known as the Robinson Half Chest, one of only two remaining tea cases tossed into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party (the only good Tea Party we ever had!)

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