Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, July 1, 2017

Big thanks to my friend Addy, who took this picture on a trip to Toronto. It's what they call trompe l'oeil, French for "fooling the eye," and it's just too cool!
I saw another guy on the news, paddling a canoe through flooded streets down south while wearing a T-Rex suit. Or it might have been this same dude, before the storm hit. Another idea I had too late would be to persuade Marc Bolan to perform T-Rex songs in a T-Rex suit.
I'm sure that what happened here was that there was a sunflower seed among the wheat seeds. Or...someone snuck out in the wheatfield and planted it!
This is a little tiny miniature edition of a book called "Little Flirt". It was published in 1871, and called a "a handy guide to 'decipher' flirting with a handkerchief, a glove, a fan or an umbrella."  You see, people used to signal their intentions toward each other by using such things. Man oh man, if a woman draped her handkerchief over her shoulder, it was ON! 
I love mushrooms and I also love knowing that when I purchase them at Giant Food, they are not poisonous toadstools out to ruin my dinner (and future!) So no thanks, no wild ones for me. 
What could be sadder than an abandoned radio station in Trenton, N.J? Just think, if that building could talk! Once, it did.
Before you complain about the new neighbors, make sure to find out about them. For instance, they could turn out to be the type who keep their yard and house neat and take out the trash in proper containers!
OK! It's Saturday, and a lot of people will be getting their nails done.

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