Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Rerun: To the last drop

I worked for many a year, and saw many a coffee setup get set up. People love coffee at work.  Gotta have that cuppa mocha java, that big cardboard cup from S'Bux with three squirts of caramel mocchiatta chipolata and a dollop of whipped cream the size of Delaware.

Or they bring it in from home in the thermos, the great big plaid one, or the no-fooling-around brushed aluminum job.

Or they all chipped in and got the office a Keurig machine and one of those spinning dispensers that holds 96 different flavored coffees, all ready for a quick bath in some scalding water.  It's instant coffee, but it isn't.

And it ain't just coffee coffee any more, no sir! Why, the flavors will make you wonder if you're at Baskin-Robbins!   Mocha- Caramel Swirl! Blueberry! Caramel! Cinnamon! Coconut! French Vanilla! Hazelnut! Raspberry! Toasted Almond! 

By the way, Toasted Almond is described in the Dunkin Donuts website as being "subtly nutty," which is a phrase I wish I had coined, although I would not waste it on coffee that tastes like a candy bar. 

When I worked for the A&P grocery, we had three flavors of coffee:  Eight O'Clock, Red Circle, and Bokar.  We ground it for you right there and got to enjoy the aroma of freshly ground beans.  Mmmmm mmmmm good!

I'm a tea drinker myself and only drink coffee when we eat at Friendly Farm, which serves the amazing Ellis Coffee.  Very simple, cup of tea.  Pour boiling water over a tea bag, let it steep for at least three minutes, and away we go!  I drink it happily three or four times a day.

 But I'll tell you something about coffee drinkers: They never finish their cup of coffee!  They always leave an inch or two in the mug. Just ask anyone at work.  You'd go in the break room and see all these mugs with slogans and gags on the outside and two sips of coffee on the inside, sometimes starting to look like a science project after a few days. 

Pictured at right you'll see my dear Peggy's mug, and notice what's left over after her afternoon coffee break...the last of the cupful.

All my research indicates that the reason why people can't finish an entire cup of coffee is that they suddenly realize it tastes like COFFEE! Yuck!

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