Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Rerun: It Just Might!

As Sigmund Freud was fond of pointing out, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

And sometimes, as The Fortunes loved to sing, one drop of rain on your windowpane doesn't mean to say there's a thunderstorm coming.

It's funny how things can fool us.  You'll be driving along headed east and all the westbound cars will be dripping wet with the wipers a-flappin', and you think you're driving into rain.  And you might well be right, or you might be in the neighborhood of the Clean As A Whistle Car Wash on a Half-Price Tuesday.

Admit it - when you watched "That '70s Show," you thought that Topher Grace would be the one star in that cast to go on to great fame and top billing.  I sure did!

Recently, I was all discombobulated when we got a new car and it had everything I had wanted in a car - except a CD player.  I have burned several hundred CDs at home over the years containing such obscure musical treats as "That's A-Plenty" (Ray Miller and His Orchestra), "Zing a Little Zong" (Bing Crosby), "Don't Boogie Woogie When You Say Your Prayers Tonight" (Jerry Lee Lewis), "I've Got Nothing To Do But Love" (Phil Harris), and "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals, and you really can't expect to hear any of these songs on any radio station that expects to make a profit.

So I've been busy burning a couple of giant 16 gb thumb drives, putting all my nutty music on there, and it's much more convenient anyway than fooling with CDs as I drive along.
They should have named her LuRay.

Now, this deal of keeping an open mind and waiting to see how things work out only goes so far, you understand.  You pick up a book by John Grisham, you are guaranteed turgid prose and a leaden plot; there's no getting around it. Order a yam instead of a russet, and don't expect the same tasty taste.  Sit down to a Julia Roberts movie and there is no getting around her a) overacting and b) guffawing. And try as you might, you will never be as happy with off-brand el cheapo jeans as you will with real Levi's.

But these are the only exceptions!  Everything else, keep an open mind.  Especially about keeping an open mind!

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