Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, February 4, 2017 (Special Peggy's Birthday Edition)

If you'll excuse me for varying from my usual panoply of pictures of food, old movie posters and animals wearing pants, I thought that for Peggy's birthday today, I could show eight pictures of the things she loves most.  Any such list begins with the cats who have taken our hearts, Deanna and Edwina, shown here waiting for breakfast.
We love to get away now and then, and Lancaster, PA, home of Amish Country, is always a favorite of Peggy's!
Since she retired, Peggy has had time to get into the art of drawing and painting, and spends time in her den making all sorts of wonderful artworks.
The person she would love the most to have over for a conversation is pictured above. Anything Oprah does is fine for Peggy!
Peggy loves books, old and new. If you ever need to find her and she's not home, she's at the library or Barnes & Noble.
We laugh at least 127 times a day. My grandfather always said, "A merry heart is like a medicine." You come to our house, there will be laughter.
It's her favorite dining-out place, Friendly Farm in northern Baltimore County.  The best food, the best service, the nicest people, the prettiest atmosphere!
Every morning we do the Jumble.  Nothing else gets done around here until we do. Today's answer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEGGY!

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