Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, February 25, 2017

Think about it.  There must be a word for when things are switched. Like when you use an English muffin in place of a hamburger bun...that's called "roll reversal."
They say brown eggs contain the same nutrition as white, but they sure look homier in commercials, don't they?
I recommend this movie wholeheartedly! I see that it was a big box-office flopola, but if you see it and you don't fall in love with Anna Kendrick, I just don't know what. It reminded me of "The Big Hit" which starred Marky Mark and Lou Diamond Phillips.
Because it doesn't look like we're having a winter this winter, here's a picture from last winter. Blizzards. Sledding. Winter coats.
Nature provides the best camouflage, even better than LL Bean or Ed E. Bauer.
OK, so I'm a little peeved at Nature this winter for denying me the bitter cold weather and icy precipitation, but she makes up for it with displays like this!
I think this apartment building followed the architecture of those cookie-cutter stadia like they had in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.
Not long ago, I found myself involved in an imbroglio involving people who were upset because the Starbux coffee chain wants to install a drive-through restaurant on the main road in our county seat.  Just for the sake of context, this is what children in other parts of the world have to pass by on their way to getting an education every day.

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