Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Oh deer

Finally, some good news.  It was upsetting to see on the news that a young buck deer had gotten his head stuck in a plastic pretzel tub, but now he has been freed.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources tracked the deer everyone called "Jughead" for a week after people reported seeing him in that sad condition.  DNR people stalked the woodsy areas around Bel Air, and then waited for him in tree stands. Once he passed by the other night, he was zapped with a tranquilizer dart and sedated long enough to have officers remove the pretzel jar. 

He was described as "healthy and alert" as he scampered off into the brush for his first meal and drink of water in quite a while.
Jughead Jones

DNR Wildlife Director Paul Peditto advised citizens to put lids on containers when putting them out for recycling collection.

If I may editorialize for half a mo', let me remind you that this is what we get for tax money.  We tend to holler about paying them, but it's public service employees who save deer like this, and plow the snowy streets, and put out fires, and arrest crooks, and line the soccer field and prevent your neighbor from turning his front yard into a McDrive thru and on and on and on.

Good reminder.  We can all think about how better to dispose of used stuff like that.  The deer in your life will thank you.

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