Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And now you know

Austin was the life of the party, and the party ran a little late into the early hours of last Saturday.  At 22, he was still known by his high school nickname, "the little guy with a big truck."  So there he was in the early dawn, zipping home along the rolling hills of Alabama's Highway 49.  He was not wearing his seatbelt as he steered his Chevy.

Jeffrey was 50, a hardworking husband and father who habitually arose very early because his job demanded it.  He was a bread deliveryman for Flowers Bakery in Winfield, Alabama.  He also drove a pickup, a Ford, and also failed to belt himself in. Jeff was driving it to the bakery to round up his daily bread deliveries at 4:10 AM on Saturday when, on that dark road in the rural south, the Ford and the Chevy collided head-on, and both men met their ends.

Folks all over that part of Alabama were hit hard by the sadness of the terrible crash on the road out there where the only illumination comes from the moon and headlights. There was only half a moon on Saturday.  Jeff and Austin may not even have seen each other's oncoming vehicle until it was way too late, but both are now being fondly recalled in death.

Jeffrey’s sister Pamela said this to of her brother: "He loved being a husband and father … the kind of guy who, if you needed something, you’d go to him because he would help. He wanted to make you smile, and his kids were his number one priority."

His kids.  One of whom was Austin.
Austin Brasher (l) and Jeffrey Brasher (r)

“We need to hold on tight to our faith,” Pamela said. “We love Austin and Jeff and our family will never be the same. We want everyone to hug and spend time with their families. Love your family every day. Don’t let anything go unsaid. You never know what tomorrow will bring.”


Anonymous said...

OMG. I can not imagine the pain & shock felt by this family.

Mark said...

Nor can I.