Monday, October 31, 2016

Tonight's the night!

Not that I'm bragging, because my dietary sins are many and varied. But at least they're not candy-coated, because I don't like much in the way of candy, and especially not chocolate.  I'm just meh about it, and I'd rather load up on beer and potatoes than Kit-Kats and Snickers.

And whoever it was who promised me a 20-lb weight loss just by giving up soda, I gave it up in 2005 and I'm still "weighting" ha ha.

But tonight is Halloween, which is the World Series, Super Bowl and Day That A New Madea Movie Comes Out all rolled into one (and dipped in caramel).  And don't be that one house in every neighborhood that hands out toothpaste and dental floss in the name of better oral hygiene for the kids. You know that will earn you nothing in the way of popularity points among the eddying mob of kids that pass by twice a day.

Here is a state-by-state breakdown of the most popular Halloween candy. A site called Influenster (sounds like something you need to be in bed for!) asked 40,000 people from sea to shining sea, and I dunno.  I mean, candy corn came out on top, and really?  Outside of making a wonderful tri-color spackle for holes in the wall, what good is candy corn?

Stand by.  I'm being told that people actually eat candy corn. It was #1 in Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina. And all the while, corn right out of the Green Giant can is tastier.

And one more candy thing. If you want to be sure whether someone is from Baltimore or not, just hand them one of these Peanut Butter Cups. If they're from Bmore, they will yelp, "Oh Boy! Reesie's!" If they call it Reese's, they are not. Guaranteed.

Here's the list...and Happy Halloween! (PS - look how fancy they get in Arizona!)

Alabama – AirHeads
Alaska – Snickers
Arizona – Toblerone
Arkansas – Skittles
California – Lifesavers
Colorado – Milky Way
Connecticut – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Delaware – 3 Musketeers
Florida – NestlĂ© Crunch Bar
Georgia – Pixy Stix
Hawaii – 100 Grand Bar
Idaho – Butterfinger
Illinois – Snickers
Indiana – Reese’s Pieces
Iowa – Twix
Kansas – Twizzlers
Kentucky – Whoppers
Louisiana – Swedish Fish
Maine – Starburst
Maryland – Almond Joy
Massachusetts – Starburst
Michigan – M&M’s
Minnesota – 100 Grand Bar
Mississippi – Hershey’s Kisses
Missouri – Hershey’s Kisses
Montana – Kit Kat Bar
Nebraska – Skittles
Nevada – Jolly Ranchers
New Hampshire – Tootsie Rolls
New Jersey – Sour Patch Kids
New Mexico – 3 Musketeers
New York – Sweet Tarts
North Carolina – Butterfinger
North Dakota – Sour Patch Kids
Ohio – Milky Way
Oklahoma – M&M’s
Oregon – Candy corn
Pennsylvania – Swedish Fish
Rhode Island – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
South Carolina – Candy corn
South Dakota – Laffy Taffy
Tennessee – Candy corn
Texas – Candy corn
Utah – Nerds
Vermont – Almond Joy
Virginia – Reese’s Pieces
Washington – AirHeads
West Virginia – Oreos
Wisconsin – Laffy Taffy
Wyoming – Candy corn
District of Columbia – Twix

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