Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, October 15, 2016

As of now, they no longer sell beer in cans at the home ballpark of the Toronto Blue Jays, so this can o' suds tossed at Oriole outfielder Hyun Soo Kim was the last ever to be thrown at a ballplayer there.  The city and the team have apologized to the Orioles and their fans, and Kim is probably back home in Korea for the winter, wondering what sort of people live in the Occident.
I always felt sorry for the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Halloween show, as it will forever be the poor stepbrother to the Peanuts Christmas show. If only it had music in it...a song like "Trick or treat is here..."
A handy comparison chart for your pencil-buying assistance. Oh give me a dozen 8Bs and I'll be happy!
Speaking of Halloween, how about this guy, all dressed up?
In Japan, there is a practice of the entire office taking a 15-minute nap every afternoon, to help them focus and come back rested. Many offices I worked in punctuated their day-long snoozefests to focus on work for fifteen minutes at a time.
I admit it...the best way for me to treat myself to the occasional carb splurge is veal parmesan...with a side of angelhair pasta, please.
Check out this old map of the eastern US.  A lot of cities have changed their names since then, presumably to make themselves more attractive to the tourist dollar.  A good example would be Mosquito Lagoon, Florida.
If I were a real estate person, could I even be so bold as to call this a "Handyman's special," a "cozy cottage in need of TLC"?

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