Thursday, October 6, 2016

Son of a pitch

Ahhhh.  Sports! We love sports!  We go to the ballparks and stadia and croquet courts and watch people who have honed their athletic talents into highly-paid skills.  They hit balls and kick balls and throw balls, and then...

In just the space of two days here, in the Baltimore Ravens' palatial M&T Bank Stadium, a purple pleasure palace built for NFL football, and in rickety Rogers Centre, the Toronto baseball park with a hole in the roof like a '94 Hyundai Sonata Sunroof with squeaky brakes and a shot suspension, have been the scenes of inappropriate things being thrown in an inappropriate manner.

Sunday past, the Ravens played the Oakland Los Angeles Oakland Raiders in a game of football. During the game, a Baltimore fan incurred the wrath of two Raiders fans from New York through the heinous act of allowing a woman to cut in the concession stand line.  One thing led to another, and on the way out after the game, the Baltimore fan threw a beer can at the New Yorkers, who responded by knocking his head into the cement walkway, and he is still in Shock Trauma with severe head injuries.

Then on Tuesday, the only thing that got hurt when a fan of the Toronto BJs threw a full can of beer at Oriole outfielder Hyun Soo Kim while Kim was fielding a fly ball was the last shred of respect some fans had for the brawling Canadians who sat there while the man pictured here heaved his Molson at our guy. I mean, really! To throw something at someone who is actively involved in a ball game...where is this guy's head? And no one saw a thing, and he got away... But I have no doubt that the man will be brought to justice...because we always hear that Mounties "always get their man!"  From his photograph, he appears mentally defective, so they should be careful in apprehending him. 

Baltimore City Police arrested the two New Yorkers and they are expected back for a hearing at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, it might be good to just go and watch the games, and leave the throwing to those paid to do so!

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