Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, May 3, 2014

I'll bet that I have tried to eat with chopsticks over a hundred times in this life o' mine, and have met with no success whatsoever. I always give up and grab a fork, and then look around the House of Chow to see some guy eating soup with sticks.
 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.  Hello? (Larry King voice)
 Just to show what a big old world this is, with so much the same and so much different...if I said this is an old New England town with several shoe factories and a scrappy high school football team that always does well in the regionals, you might think so, but there would always be someone to say, "Hey no!  This is Vilnius, Lithuania!"
 We've seen those 3-D chalk artists on the streets all over the place, but here in New Zealand, they do these amazing 3-D stunts on the sand.  Which is your favorite?
 Richard Gere is making a movie in New York; he plays a homeless guy.  The lady shown here is a French tourist who thought he was a real homeless guy, so she got him a slice of pizza.  For an actor, this is a two-faced coin: his acting is good enough that she bought him in the part, but she didn't recognize him! In a story I've told a thousand times, Gere was here in Baltimore County making that "Runaway Bride" picture when my mom's friend's son ( a movie prop man) took both ladies to the set at the church in Long Green from where the runaway bride...runs away.  She said Gere was as normal and down to earth as the guy who works at Sears changing tires, but the crew were not allowed to make eye contact, nor speak directly to, Her Majesty Miss Julia Roberts, who at last report was still only tangentially in show business.
This is a radio tower in Shanghai.  Is that rust I see on that one piece of metal?  How sure can he be that it's not all rusty and about to give out?

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