Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, May 10, 2014

 So you wanna be a minimalist, huh?  Then I would suggest cutting down on the number of copies of the same book!
 Seal photobombs penguins while smiling.  Gotta love it!
 This is the blueprint for a favorite treat of mine, the Egg Cream. It contains neither egg nor cream; go figure.  It has only the calories from the little glob of chocolate syrup (tradition calls for only using Fox's U-bet syrup from Brooklyn Noo Yawk) and the milk.  Seltzer water has no calories, no sodium, no sugar.   Why not try one tonight?
 You have to look at this for half a mo before you figure out that it's a big Earth sandwich these friends made.  A slice of bread in Iceland, Earth, lettuce, tomato, New Zealand.  Did you want that to go?
 If you recall the thrilling bobsled races in the 1984 Winter Olympics in's how the bobsled track appears now. It's fallen into disuse and disrepair.
You work all your life to amass a pile of bills and then one day you realize it was only money...

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