Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, May 17, 2014

 Machu Picchu man!  I'm just wait, you're a llama, and we pronounce that "yama" instead of "lama" if we want to be consistent, since we say "torteeya" instead of "tortilla." I know I won't win this long-running argument, but I'm just sayin'.
I looked at this and thought, that's a nice painting.  But as is usually the case, I was wrong.  It is nice, but it's no painting.  This is a rice field in China, and those are all rice plants of different strains of grains, planted painstakingly so that the mature plants will look just like a Sengoku warrior.  In a similar display of artistry, I once arranged the over 600 tiny little time pills in a Contac capsule in the shape of the Blue Oyster Cult logo, using only a radio station console, a BIC pen, and the length of time it took to play the ABC radio newscast.
"Merry Christmas, Johnny!  Smoke up!"
John Agar was the first husband of Shirley Temple, but when that marriage flopped, he became a B movie actor.  Nothing says "You're in a B movie" like "You're starring in 'Tarantula!' "
Here's a barker drumming up sideshow business at the State Fair in Rutland, Vermont in September, 1941.  Within three months, Pearl Harbor was attacked and the chances are good that by the next time they had the State Fair, this fellow was in uniform, fighting for the USA.  But on this sunny day he was selling his nickel cokes and tickets to see the odd animals and loving life.
Kurt Cobain was usually depicted as dour and gloomy, but it seems that was not quite accurate.  I recently read that the Nirvana leader, besides being a prime mover in the grunge music era, was also a big pop music fan, and enjoyed the likes of Abba.  And he liked to ride a go-kart and wear Jack Purcells. Plus,  any time you find a guy wearing red socks, you have a really good guy.  All the best men wear red socks...

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