Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, October 19, 2013

 So you want to decorate the yard for Halloween, but the budget is a little tight, huh?  Well, take that orange traffic cone that the paving crew threw into the ravine two years ago and paint it to look like a giant candy corn!  And there you go!
 This is a plant that, as the caption says, was grown from a seed that had been frozen for 32,000 years.  The seed came from a roll packed for the lunch of the young Abe Vigoda, and he was kind enough to turn it over to the proper authorities.
 This week's free wallpaper from Castles Made of Sand is of a corn field.  I don't know where this is, but it's pretty!  And nice to see.
 We don't always give children credit for their innate intelligence.  This is the schoolwork of an 8-year-old who, it's plain to see, is being raised quite well.  Instead of forming a committee to prevent further playground violence, or filing a class action suit to benefit all those who have ever fallen off a Teeter-Totter, this kid knows his soup.  Get up and deal with it.  Would that we all knew how.
Just because John Gross asked for more pictures, here is #5 for this week.  A lone tree by a field by some woods.  What could be more wonderful?

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