Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, October 12, 2013

I love to see recycling in action.  This fellow has a fortune in plastic right there...There used to be an aluminum recycling truck at the Giant grocery store on Joppa Rd.  One winter I took a notion to save beer cans and soda cans, smash them all flat, and get enough money to take a nice vacation.  So I saved and I scrounged, brought cans home from work and did my best to keep the National Bohemian brewery working on overtime.  I mashed 'em and bagged 'em and took a whole lawn and leaf bag full of squashed cans to the truck and handed it over to the attendant.  As I stood there and envisioned trips to the Bahamas, London or Paris, the attendant came back and handed me my new fortune...$8.61. A whole winter for this?
I love the way the clouds seem to be trying to fill the branches, which just lost their leaves.
Don't you love it when a lake is so still as to resemble a mirror?  Wait a minute and enjoy this pastoral scene, and then comes a guy driving a waterskier around, zooming about like Captain Titanic.  Never fails.
But it SAID to use the stairs!

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