Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eye Eye Eye

Our favorite eye doctor is featured in this news story on Channel 2 in Baltimore, concerning the fad of wearing fake contact lenses to make it appear that one has no pupils (the all-white eyeball) and the cat-eye lenses (like Michael Jackson in the Thriller video).

For reasons I have told over and over, Dr. Melissa Connolly is my favorite doctor of all time; she even edges out Dr Delanois, the man who made things all right with my left knee, and Dr Pham, King of All Local Dermatologists.  I've been itching to call him that.

Dr Connolly gives nothing but good advice, and when she says don't put illegal non-prescription non-medically-approved lenses in your eyes, you should listen.  I know, it's the cool thing at Halloween to look like you just got dug up from a crypt, but how about just going out tricking and treating as Punky Brewster, like you useta?

Here's something you can help me figure out.  How come so many people shudder at the thought of eating red meat, recoil in horror if someone fails to spend 12 hours a day exercising, and gobble quinoa even if they can't pronounce it - and then will light up a Lucky Strike while sticking a piece of plastic of spurious provenance onto their eyeball?

Moderation in all things, including moderation.  But no fake lenses, please. There's a lot happening, and you want to be able to see it!

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Melissa said...

Thanks Mark!!! You are too sweet! I am lucky to have you as my favorite patient ( and Peggy)!