Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dance the night away

I had a good friend, now departed, who loved to post videos on social media and say, "Whatcha think about this?"

Well, what do you think about this video?  The young lady is Marina Shifrin, and she has decided to move on after a few years with a video production company.  She said she gave up her time, energy and relationships for the firm, and so she danced away the blues in the video.

I happen to love watching people dance when it's an enjoyable step they're putting out there.  Not talking about ballroom dancing and formal stuff -in fact, I imagine that practice and formal training, while earning style points on TV's "Who in the Hell Told You You Could Dance?" would make your interpretive stompin' much less delightful to my eye.  I also used to love the way that couple danced in the Volkswagen commercial - the ones who got in trouble with the neighbors for pogoing to Kings of Leon music, so they took their Jetta to B.A. Buys and bought new bigger speakers for their new bigger house.

But the point is, should Marina quit (up to her) and should she quit that way? (I wouldn't.) People don't expect to stay with the same employer for 30 years anymore, and they hop from job to job like Taylor Swift changes boyfriends.  I have known and worked with people who all but bragged about how they gave it all up for their job - marriages, friendships, personal time all thrown to the curb for the sake of doing one more statistical breakout.  That's what is changing.  People don't feel downward loyalty from employers, and so they don't feel obligated to work like pack mules for 50 years. But here's some advice - amusing as this video is, it's not the kind of thing that the boss will enjoy seeing, as he/she suddenly realizes that good old Marina is gone, with no notice.

She might have given notice and then left the video behind. That way, future prospective employers wouldn't look askance at her application, knowing that when she's had enough, she's apt to ankle away at a moment's notice.

On the other hand, I think she ought to go be a dancer somewhere.  I'd love to be able to hoof it like that.

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