Tuesday, October 15, 2013

He who steals...

Some folks I used to work with were talking the other night.  One of them went to eat her lunch at work and it was gone, ripped off by someone.

The kind of job these folks do is not the sort of job where one can disappear for an hour, driving down to McWendy's for a Pound-and-a-Halfer with fries.  They get half an hour for lunch, so you pretty much have to bring it and hope it's there when it's your turn to gobble.

I've always been interested in theft and how people rationalize it.  I know someone who is planning to cheat the government with a scheme, and this person's rationale is "I should have that money."

We have all seen stories about people who hold up delicatessens, break into desks or hold up fruit stands to steal money, merchandise, or what-have-you.  And that's the key phrase - what-have-you.

As in, I have a roast beef sammy and a bag of chips and an apple,  and YOU feel you're entitled to some or all of my lunch?  Without asking, you would just steal it and shove it all down your neck and not even wonder what I would eat?

I just don't get that sort of thinking.  We have gotten to a point where that Robin Hood mentality invades our more conscientious thought.  "Hey, you're a rich guy and I'm not, so I'm stealing your car / cell / sandwich."  And I worked with a woman once who would get her teenaged daughter up early on weekends.  Why?  "So she can sneak upstairs and steal the neighbor's newspaper."

And maybe some people don't even stop to think or rationalize, but, rather, see things and just rip them off with no remorse at all.

But either way, when something gets stolen, someone gets stolen from, and it's wrong.

I'm sorry I even have to mention it!  And I didn't steal this blog, either.

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