Friday, October 4, 2013

Even Little Sister is watching

The Egyptian who imported the
abacus was told to "keep mummy"
about it.
On Tuesday, after visiting Mom at the nursing home, I took the chance to walk a mile on their indoor track.  It takes 28 laps but you can't lose track of many times you've done the stroll, because they have one of those Melissa and Doug abacuses (abaci?) on the wall. You move a bead each time you walk past the Egyptian calculator, and when you've done that 28 times, you're finished.

It's like learning to be a radio announcer.  You start out learning to speak with a dozen marbles in your mouth and learn to enunciate with all that in your way.  Day by day as you improve, you take one little glass sphere out, and when you have completely lost your marbles, you're an announcer.

Well.  The point is, if it ever comes to where I need to prove that I was nowhere near Ted Cruz's office snickering on Tuesday, October 1, from approximately 2:15 - 2:45 PM, just get the security tape from the home and there it is, time-stamped proof that my iPod and I were there at that time.

On CBS yesterday morning, they showed video of a motorcycle rider in Los Angeles leading police on a long chase, only to evade them, park the bike, run into a house, emerge in different clothing and go to an auto parts store.  I guess he failed to notice the news helicopter hovering ten feet overhead. The reporter in the chopper reported the guy's location to the law and was able to get video of the guy being arrested.

Also arrested was one of the bikers in New York, one of the swarm who surrounded a family in an SUV, apparently triggering a road rage fight that ended in many injuries because of really stupid behavior.  All this was caught on video by another biker's helmet cam.

Every child born in the last ten years has almost every waking moment of their life on video, or at least, still photography. From birth to their birthday parties to their proms, the main memory that today's kids will have when they live where my Mom currently dwells will be being asked to "do it again so Daddy can get the camera."

My Reagan mask - very good likeness!
So, if you're planning a crime or some other sort of caper, better wear a good disguise and a mask.

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