Friday, March 1, 2013

Finders Returners

When you read this story about a couple who finds $11,000 in cash in a camera bag in Cali, do you feel like I do...that the great part of the story is that there are people who would return the money, and the sad part of the story is that the mere fact that they returned the loot is so noteworthy as to garner nationwide attention.

On a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge on Valentine's Day, Barbara and Carlos Landeros (right >>) stumbled across the bag, and went to a lot of trouble turning it in to the police, who were able to trace it to its owners by airline tickets inside along with money.  Lots and lots of money.  And all of it went home with its rightful owner.

Just the other day at BJ's Wholesale Club, where I was shopping for the 85-lb box of Corn Flakes, I spotted a woman's purse, left behind atop a display. I told a guy unloading a crate containing 40-lb boxes of raspberries, and he took the purse to the office.  It just wouldn't even dawn on me to rip the money off or anything, and I hate to think that others might have done just that.

Call it fate, call it karma, call it The Golden Rule: I love what Mrs Landeros said: 

"Our parents taught us, if you find something,  return it. It doesn't belong to you."
 Would that we all could remember that. 

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