Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I hate to eat and run..."

He's been an excellent member of our society for 46 years bow, so now, as a reward, Andrew Palmer (photo) is going to be treated to a year of free room and board courtesy of the great state of Maryland. 

His crime?  He's not so much a dashing diner as he is a dine-and-dasher.

Mr Palmer, before his unfortunate incarceration came between him and the nicer eateries in town, made a habit of running up a large tab for a dinner and then faking a seizure, in order to ankle out on the bill.

His most recent gobbles took place at Shucker's, where he shoved $62 worth of grub down his neck before tossing himself earthward for a ride to a hospital, and a supreme chowdown at Sullivan's ($161, same modus operandi.)

And for those saying, "Wow, all he did was cheat a restaurant out of some money!" I would remind you that a) because HE rips off these beaneries, YOU pay more.  The owners aren't going to eat these losses, as it were.  And what's more, b) he has been convicted more than four dozen times for this offense in the past.

Sending Palmer to the No-Holiday Inn for 365 suppers should teach him a lesson.  I certainly hope so.   He's a thief, convicted, and belongs in the sin bin. 

I'll bet he's a lousy tipper, too!

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