Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My favorite kid

Down in Dallas, Texas, the City Council got schooled by a young man who will probably be doing great things very soon.

His name is David Williams, he's 11, and he was on a class trip to observe the goings-on in government.  Given a chance to address that august body, David asked a question about ways to keep students and teachers safe without turning teachers into a gun-totin' posse.

And this is Texas, known as wide-open gun country.

Anyway, David asked his question, and the councilmembers demonstrated their total lack of civility by eddying about, talking to each other, coming and going from the room and paying him and his question very little, if any, attention.

Now, a lot of people would say, as have many who have witnessed the horror of laws being made in public, "Oh, they are so busy, scurrying about like ants; they don't have time to hear me speak."

David Williams, 11
David is not a lot of people, which is why I predict great things for him.  He had another question:

"Do you feel it is acceptable for city council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?"


You're gonna think I made up this name, but there is a member of the Dallas City Council named Dwaine Caraway.  The Honorable Mr Caraway provided this seedy response:

"Let me first be apologetic to you, because I do walk a lot around here, but we had to keep things going at times, but it is not so respectful to walk around when visitors are speaking, so I will adhere to that as well."

Not so respectful?  How about totally disrespectful?  So, Dwaine, instead of adhering to concepts, how about sitting down in your plush chair and listening to people?

Just like here in Baltimore County, where a councilmember stands accused of driving a county-owned vehicle drunk at 3 AM and then, in a huff, calls the chief of police at home, politicians all over need a little cold shower wakeup like the one Mr Williams provided down in the Big D. 

He'll be a college graduate in about ten years.  I expect we'll hear from him again. 

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