Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 3/16/13

I am a diner-loving guy and so I share this picture of a classic diner sandwich - the chicken salad BLT.  I would like to share something else - my newfound affection for turkey bacon!  Fry it up and try some.  It's great, and you get that feel-good feeling from saving calories. 86 the fries and soda for bonus diet points!

Pictures taken in St Peter's Square eight years apart, showing the jubilant crowds after the announcements of new Popes.  Notice the difference - in the 2005 shot, I don't even see a camera in use, and this year, almost everyone has their cell or tablet out, getting a picture of history.  8 years. 

Yes, I did this once and I admit to stealing the gag from Robert Benchley.  I did indeed call a coworker and, when she was not in, I left a message with her assistant" "Arrived Venice, streets flooded, please advise."  That pink message slip stayed on her bulletin board for many a year.

From the Dept of Plenty of Time:  This is one pencil.  See what the person did?  They whittled the wood away to leave only the graphite "lead," and then they cut these intricate chain links out of the lead.  How amazing it is, what people can do when they put their minds to it.

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