Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Help Us Get The Word to Ellen

On Saturday on my Picture Show, I showed the picture that our friend Ann sent from Meridian MS, where she and her college colleagues had spent their week of spring break, not cavorting around Mexican beaches, but doing hard good work for their fellow Americans.  Through Habitat For Humanity, they fixed up houses for people who needed a hand.

And I think these young people deserve a lot of credit, not only for forsaking the chance to relax and party and tan for a week, but by going down South and facing up to real life and the problems faced by many real Americans.  Getting to see how others live and what they face every day is a valuable part of their education, and I am very happy that Ann, daughter of some very good friends of ours, chose a fine school   - Villanova - for her college education.

And here's where you can do more than simply read this blog and say, "Oh yeah!  Those kids are splendid."  You can spread the word around that they want to appear on the Ellen Show to spread the word around about how great Habitat For Humanity is.  After all, we preach to the young that "Actions speak louder than words."  Apparently they have heard that, and they picked up hammers and paintbrushes and brooms and got active!  
Villanova Students who went to Mississippi to help!

And those of us who admire their dedication and sense of purpose from afar can do two things:  first, watch this video that the students made.  Marvel at their youthful energy. They were down there doing hard work and they still have the zip within them to dance and let loose like this!  I mean, really!

And then, if a whole lot of us fill in this form and tell Ellen DeGeneres that they want to see the students from Villanova University on the Ellen Show, showing some students who spent a week opening paint cans instead of beer cans, that will show these great kids that we appreciate them and their efforts. 

Because we really do!

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