Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 3/30/13

 This is not a fake fortune cookie fortune; it's for real.  I had lunch with Tammy, an old friend who refuses to look old, and we went to my favorite Asian buffet, and this is my fortune. I never eat the cookie but I always check out what it says inside.  As to the traditional folklore that you're always hungry an hour after eating Chinese food, I have to point out that this is true for me with almost all foods.   But I go to bed feeling hungry and I'm not as hungry when I wake up.  Is it possible that I sleepwalk to the Kelvinator and fix myself a sandwich in the middle of the night?  Some substance is given to this theory by the fact that I am one of few Americans who actually know who Carson Daly is.
 I saw this somewhere and like it.  The poor punctuation in #5 is almost outweighed by the wisdom of #2.  I think it is healthy not to worry about what others think.  What do you think?  Oh, wait.
 I had this picture hanging on my bulletin board as a kid, near photos of other heroes (Alfred E. Neuman and Sandra Dee.) This is Gus Triandos, who passed away on Thursday at 82.  He was the first big star the Orioles had during his playing days here (1955-1962) and they named a street after him in Timonium, near Peggy's office.  He was a catcher, the way catchers used to be...he'd slug some homers, but you timed his  run from the plate to first with a calendar instead of a stopwatch. Our local, vibrant Greek-American community took to him right away, and he became well-known around town as a guy who would show up at school fairs and whatnot, signing his autograph and spreading good will. I wish him many sunny afternoon doubleheaders up above.
This field of lavender, genus Lavandula, growing in Sunny France, is surely a pretty sight, am I wrong?  And it makes me think of how cool is must be to be a lavender farmer.  Just the lovely aroma makes lavender farmers very glad they aren't garlic ranchers!

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