Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show 3/2/13

  Do people still go daisy-petal picking?  You find a daisy and pluck each petal, saying, "She loves me...she loves me not...she loves me" and then when you wind up with all these petals on the ground by your sneakers, you hope your poor old broken heart isn't down there with them.  But it will be, if you picked the last petal while saying, "She loves me not."  For my part, I wish you days full of daisies and nights full of love.

So, how many guys saw this ad back in the day and said, "I gots to get me some of them jeans!  So's I can kick butt and take names and not have to deal with the agony of crotchular strangulation, since they have 'hidden-gusset and stretch in the fabric' (that's some might fine copy-writing there!) to give my twig and berries all the room they crave as I cavort about"?     

I also like the notation "Schools: Send for wholesale information."  Apparently there was a feeling among the Board of Directors of Century Martial Arts Supply that, among the many schools across the land dedicated to teaching young men how to balance on one booted foot while showing the sole of the other foot to a passerby, there would be a groundswell of support for jeans that offer a little
Whenever students of philosophy and theology gather to gabble, the talk soon turns to theoretical questions:  Could God, who can do anything, create a boulder so heavy that He couldn't lift it?  Is it possible to formulate an acid so strong that it could eat its way through any sort of container that we'd try to put it in?  

Add this one to the list:  Should Rustoleum use Rustoleum on their own cans of paint? 

I don't know...this one seems sort of staged.  Maybe the turtle had some help getting into this pose.  But doesn't his wistful gaze, his plaintive yearning for sunnier days ahead, speak to us all, no matter how hard-shelled we may be?

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