Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 3/9/13

 Back in 1917-1918, this was the latest in body armor.  Depending on what is was made of, it looks like it would protect the critical organs in the torso and midriff, but leave the arms and legs vulnerable.  Police today wear their body armor under the uniform shirt, and we pray for all the police I know and love that a) their armor is never tested  and b) if it is, it works perfectly!
This was always the signal to your friends or date or creditor that you were tapped...pulling out the pockets to indicate their complete and utter emptiness. I haven't seen anyone do this move for years, so that's why I clipped the picture to share with you.  Congratulations to all of us - it looks like we're all rich as Trump, but with our own hair.

For the love of timeliness, please don't forget to set your clock ahead tonight.  This time of year, I always think of my days as a supervisor.  One year on the day of St Clock Setter's Day, a new employee showed up an hour late, because she had not set her clock ahead.  It was a slow Sunday morning, so I didn't belabor the point beyond a mild reminder that we were a 24-hour operation.  Well, next day, doggone if she didn't roll in an hour late, and this time I wasn't quite so mellow about it.  I told her that I had been on the job for (however many years it had been) and I said,"You know what, in all that time, I've only been late once, and that was because a truck got stuck on the beltway off-ramp one icy morning and no one could get past him. And now you're been late twice in two days and you've only been here a couple of months!"  She considered this information with a furrowed brow, and said, "So, you've only been late once in all that time?" and I said that was right, and she said, "Dude, you're way uptight!"
Everybody loves mimosas.  This is the sort that grows on trees.  Almost spring!

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