Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Saturday picture show 2/9/13

 This little chart is even easier to figure out than the IKEA directions for assembling your new ÖDMJUK book shelf or toaster rack.  Answer the question at the top and you can go from there.  As I once heard someone say, "If you're not happy now, when did you plan to start?"
My fair and frantic Baltimore has received an ocean's worth of good publicity in the past seven days. In case you didn't hear the result of the Super Bowl, well, the Ravens won, it was Ray Lewis's final game, and everyone's talking about BMore.  I love that.  It's been a wonderful year for a certain guy whose blog you read. He's an Orioles fan, and they got to the playoffs after spending years in painful obscurity.  I am also an Alabama football fan, and all they did was win the BCS playoff to take the national crown, and then the Ravens won it all on the pro level. All of these things named above are food, drink and spice that are second nature to us here.  When we say cookie, we mean Berger's; when we say chicken box, we want a cardboard container with a breast, wing, thigh and leg, fries, roll and hot sauce.  We love it here.  Come see why! (Thank you, Blair Shipley, for finding this!)
 Found this online and it must be European, as clever and functional as it is.  Bike racks that look like bikes.  Who'da thunk it? 
There sure are a lot of people down with the flu or stomach virus or cold these days.  I feel bad for not sending my cold an anniversary card on January 27 when it had been my sneezin' coughin' companion for a month.  I do notice that when women take ill, they still manage to go to work, chauffeur the kids and dogs around, fix dinner, and, in general, carry the ball as if they didn't have a fever of 101° and an overall brackish feeling, replete with pains, aches and chills.  We menfolk are rendered incapacitated by the slightest illness, and head for the bed or recliner 'til Tuesday at the first sniffle.  Medical science was working on this interesting gender-based paradox, but the study is on hold for right now: too many of the male researchers called out.

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