Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Saturday picture show, 2/2/13

 From the Shows-What-I-Know Department:  I saw this picture and figured there was really a town in PA named Banshee.  I mean, there could be!  There's a town called Slippery Rock!  But when I googled the town, it turns out there is no such town in real life.  This is for a show on Cinemax, which I don't get.  The story on the show is that some crook hides out in Banshee by serving as the town sheriff.  I don't get that, either.
 Back in the day, Marilyn Monroe was the very model of sex appeal. Today she would likely only find work as the "before" model in a diet product ad, while the super skinny women get all the good parts in movies. I don't care.  Marilyn will always look good to me.  Most of us have a little pasta on our plate, a little jiggle in the wiggle.  I don't get the skinny thing at all.

 Here are some guys doing a very dangerous thing.  For one thing, you don't go climbing up a utility pole unless you really really know what you're doing up there, and the lack of protective gear on these two tells me they don't.  And, it's an old cliche in the Fire Department, but that doesn't make it any less true to say, "You never see a cat skeleton in a tree."  Or up a pole.  Itchy, or Scratchy, whoever this is, was going to come down when he darn well pleased.  No need to go up there after them.  You're only giving them what they want.  And I love cats!

This is a picture I never saw before of James Dean, apparently signing autographs while sitting in a '55 Chevy.  He died behind the wheel of his Porsche on 9/30/55, so this had to be taken not too long before his death.  He set standards for coolness that are still being followed by many actors, not to mention by many people in all walks of life.  It's a shame that he was a careless driver.

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