Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 2/16/13

I find the nuttiest things on the internet and I think it's my responsibility to share them.  Like when I see a cartoon featuring an enraged elephant in man's clothing embroiled in a heated dispute with a monkey wearing a fez, I think people need to see it. Am I wrong?

This ought to make you feel good if you plan to join this army.  They really believe in empowerment and helping their soldiers become fully self-actualized over there, wherever "there" is. These guys have so many campaign ribbons and battlefield medals that they have to wear the newest ones on their pants.  Let's hope they are careful with the pins on those lower ones, or they'll get another medal for an injury that no man wants.
I think the perspective might be a little off here; it would appear that this traveling meteorite is roughly the size of earth.  It appears to be taking aim at Africa, but then again, the earth revolves, right?  So the meteorite's going to miss the earth, right?  RIGHT?
Here sits a happy woodpecker.  He had a job to do and he doggone well went and did it!  He pecked himself a nice hole in the tree and now he has a home.  I wonder about two things: how long it took to drill out that circular opening, and if there are any other names for woodpeckers other than "Woody."

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