Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Say it, don't spray it

I like reading my local Perry Hall Patch, the online newspaper that does what the big paper doesn't have as a priority - -covering the auto accidents, burglaries and supermarket openings that aren't big news, but are news nonetheless.

This is why I was surprised to see that someone had spray-painted "PERRY HALL PATCH MADE ME DO THIS" on the back of the drycleaning establishment by the Carney Library.

I guess the person with the can of paint in his/her hand has been in trouble with the law over tagging buildings in the past, and maybe the Patch had an article about it, and maybe that offended the painter somehow.

Why be mad at the news sites?  They only report the news they get from the police reports and the trial results, which are online and available for anyone to see anyway. 

Why go around spray painting to begin with?  That's what I don't get.  I know we all have the need to express ourselves.  That's only natural.  But you have to express yourself where and how you can.  F'rinstance, you can't show up at a tv station or network and demand to be put in front of a camera so as to go on the air and bloviate wildly (except, apparently, FOX News, which seems to allow anyone to read the "news".) You can't order a newspaper, book publisher or magazine to publish your memoirs, no matter how interesting they might be.   The great thing about the modern age is, you can write a blog and put it on the internet (apparently they allow any crackpot to do that) (!) or you can write your screed, print a thousand copies, and go hand it out on street corners.

And yes, it's perfectly fine to go around spray painting your words on buildings.  But, only if you OWN the building.  Otherwise, no go.

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