Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Aid

Dressed as you see her pictured here, actress Charlize Theron was outside of the theater where the Academy Awards were to be doled out on Sunday night.

A security guard collapsed, and Charlize, in a white Christian Dior Haute Couture dress with Roger Vivier shoes, ran over to help him.

From what the newspapers say, the man was having a seizure, and she stayed with him while others in the moiling crowd went for medical assistance.

Minutes later, she was dancing with Channing Tatum, as Seth MacFarlane sang "The Way You Look Tonight."

And how come only one man stood up to help Jennifer Lawrence when she took her tumble?

A few points: I wouldn't know which dressmaker made which dress and I think it marginalizes a person to ask them right up front, "Who are you wearing?" as they do on those red carpet shows.  The question is ill-structured grammar, and it makes it seem that the person is not even as important as the person who designed their dress.

Point the second, Ms Theron is a lovely woman, she looked very pretty, and she danced very well.

Point the third, it's always nice to see a person, no matter their station in life, rush over to help another in need. You don't have to be a cardiac surgeon to assist a person in seizure. Ease them to the floor, try to roll them on their left side, check for breathing and a Medic Alert bracelet, and keep them from hurting themselves are the main guidelines.

But it's best to do something.  Even if all you do is the least you can do, do something!

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