Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Saturday picture show, 2/23/13

The Smithsonian always has interesting articles and pictures about American history.  At right, here is a picture of some Confederate soldiers with a piece of heavy artillery.  By the use of Photoshop, the magazine was able to add color to the photos (as seen at left.)  If you click on the link above, you'll see plenty of other pictures modernized.  That was an interesting phase in American history!

Hampton Elementary School is one of the many schools I call my alma mater.  It's the only school in which I ever spent six years, although my senior year in high school felt like it was that long.  But there I am on the back row, encircled by a golden halo (how apropos) and the funny thing is...this was 1958 and I still am in touch with a good handful of the young men and women you see here, largely thanks to this internet thing that seems to be catching on.  Mrs Waters, you must be in your 80s by now, and you taught us well.  Thanks, and again, I'm sorry about the cafeteria incident.

Free wallpaper for winter lovers.  I don't know where this location is, nor whether this is sunrise or sunset.  All I know is, it's cold, and snowy, and we haven't had a decent snow here since I don't know when.  Well, I do know when, but I'm reticent to say.

So you say you're SURE this is a dude in a bear suit? How sure are you?  Remember, this is Russia, you know, where the people are hardier and, following logic, the bears must be as well.

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