Friday, February 22, 2013

The worst type of person

There's a nice big brick house just off Providence Road, near the house where I was raised.  I used to see a man there puttering around in the yard; a time or two, I'd see him bringing in the trash cans or doing some chore.

Just this week I have come to realize who the man was.  And, sadly, he is no more.  He was Dr Nikita Levy, an OB-GYN with the Johns Hopkins Medical System. 

Check this timeline:  on February 3, just a couple of weeks ago, when the Ravens won the Super Bowl, Dr Levy was still in good standing.  On the 4th, the hospital became aware that he had been photographing and videotaping his patients, most assuredly without their permission.  He was fired on February 8th, and took his life at that house in Providence this past Monday.

We'll never know the why; he left a suicide note which is not being made public, but the authorities do say that he apologized to his wife in it.  His wife, who one month ago was the wife of a respected doctor, and today finds herself the widow of a suicidee with a ruined reputation.  Who knows how she will go on?  Does she receive the proceeds of his insurance; will her bank balances be eaten away by the lawsuits being filed? 

Lawyers are running full page ads in the local papers, and on line, looking for Levy's erstwhile patients and offering them compensation for the horror of being abused as they were.  You might say the lawyers are circling in the troubled waters.

At my age, nothing should surprise me except for my age, but I just read that there is such a thing in this world as gynecology fetish pornography.  So now, there will be investigations into the demimonde of people who find it sexually stimulating to see a woman being examined in that manner.

The people looking into this are going to feel like they are turning over rocks down by a fetid swamp, and finding all sorts of bizarre flora and fauna. 

In fact, I don't know which fact is more upsetting: that there are people who get off to videos like that, or that there are doctors who produce and distribute videos like that.

All indications are that his wife had absolutely no knowledge of his disgusting hobby.  We have to feel very sorry for her. 

Now, quick, someone else tell me that pornography production is a victimless crime.  I have a reply all ready for you.

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splendid said...

So sorry to hear about this Mark. One of the biggest victims here is his wife. I hope that the victims realize this and just let her quietly disappear to some other place. There is really no peace for this woman.